Chao Phraya Dam

The Chaophraya Dam ( Thai: เขื่อน เจ้าพระยา - Khuean Chaophraya ) is a dam in Chainat Province. The Chainat Province is located in the northern part of the central region of Thailand.


The Chaophraya Dam is located in Tambon Bang Luang, Amphoe Sapphaya, southeast of Chainat on the highway 311 It is easily accessible from Highway 32 Bangkok - Nakhon Sawan. The length of the dam is 238 meters, the height of the dam is 14 meters. There are 16 water gates through which the Chaophraya can be poured from the reservoir. A 14 -meter-wide lock is designed for the cruise on the Chaophraya.


Economic use

The Chaophraya Dam serves during the rainy season as receiver for the excess water, thus ensuring a certain reduction of the annual floods in south-central Thailand. Besides the hydroelectric power plant also generates electricity.

In the rainy season can flow from the Chaophraya Dam more than 2,300 cubic meters of water per second.


The area around the dam is very popular with the local population as a destination. This meant that in the vicinity of the dam, a golf course has been built by the Thai Irrigation Office ( Irrigation Department ) is operated ..

Also coming bird lovers get their money: many species of birds enliven the landscape during the summer months, from which one can study a whole lot in the nearby bird park Chainat ( Bird Park ).

Architectural History

The Chaophraya Dam was the first major dam, which was completed in Thailand. Construction was started on the initiative of King Bhumipol Adulyadej (Rama IX. ) In 1952 and lasted four years. In 1957 (the year 2500 in the Buddhist calendar) the system has been turned on.

The building cost about 1.4 billion baht.


  • Dam at Chainat Chaophraya

The lock

... Seen from the side of the reservoir

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