Charity (practice)

Charity ( veraltend: charity ) is the work of individuals or organizations for the benefit of those in need by " charitable gifts " ( alms, gifts, donations). It is valid for ages as a special virtue of many religions. In Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam, this is expected, for example, the individual. It is also ensured through donations to charities.


Donations play an important role in addition to the state welfare ( welfare state ). Serve the same purpose, the sale of postage stamps welfare, inheritance, disposition or the setting of legal proceedings by payment of an amount to the charities by the public prosecutor.

In Germany, donations are encouraged for income tax purposes under certain conditions. Here there are numerous organized groups with specific or general objectives of the charity. Germany's largest church organization in the field of charity is Bread for the World, which provides development assistance. In a variety of clubs and activities to show politicians, artists, athletes and other celebrities social engagement for German and international aid organizations such as UNICEF. To " prominent benefactors " to benefit galas in Germany Ute -Henriette Ohoven ( gala dinner ) and Johanna Haerting - Toger ( Children's Aid Europe) are counted.

Presidential women as a model

Standards for charity work have set the wives of four Federal President. The citizen-friendly " life's work " each of them acts on the death of the initiators addition to the present day. So Elly Heuss -Knapp has established as the first First Lady of the Federal Republic of 1950, the German Müttergenesungswerk. Wilhelmine Lübke founded in 1962 with her ​​husband, the Trustees German old-age assistance ( KDA ). This has been called " Wilhelmine Lübke Foundation " for their Lebenswerk.Sie developed was the idea of ​​the introduction of meals on wheels. President's wife Christiane Herzog In 1986 he founded the Friends of CF 's Aid Society, which she converted in 1997 into the Christiane Herzog Foundation for cystic fibrosis sufferers.

Mildred Scheel in 1974 founded the German Cancer Aid, which was as a leading non-profit organization without public funding, through the solidarity of the people "largest citizens' initiative against cancer " in Europe. 2012 received the German Cancer Aid 89.4 million euros in donations and donations from the public. For the fiscal year 161 support and research projects in the fight against the widespread disease of cancer were funded.

In the United States there is a highly developed system of charity.

In many societies, was and is the charity single the only form of practical alleviation of poverty.