Charles Fellows

Sir Charles Fellows ( born August 1799 in Nottingham, † November 8, 1860 in London) was a British explorer and archaeologist.

1838 Fellows traveled to Asia Minor and traveled the first scientist to ancient Lycia, where he rediscovered Xanthos et al. His discoveries aroused a great sensation in England and in 1839 was made a second trip. His rediscovery of Pinara is dated from individual sources to 1840. In May of the same year fellow also described as the first Roman Limyra Bridge, one of the oldest segmental arch bridges in the world. By permission of a firman of the Ottoman sultan, he was able on his third voyage 1841-42 to be transported numerous Lycian antiquities to the British Museum in London, as, inter alia, the Nereids and the Harpyienmonument.


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