Charles George Herbermann

Charles George Herbermann, born as Karl Georg Herbermann ( born December 8, 1840 in Saerbeck, Münster, Westphalia, † August 24, 1916 in Manhattan, New York) was an American classical scholar and writer of German origin.


Herbermann was the son of George Herbermann and his wife Elizabeth Stipp. As the fate of the family did not turn for the better after the revolution of 1848/ 49, Herbermann hoped with his family to a better new start in the New World. They reached New York in 1851, where the family then settled.

At the College of St. Francis Xavier Herbermann completed his schooling with success and closed it - also in New York - a study at the College of the City of New York. 1869 he was appointed there to Prof. of Latin language and literature, and he held this office until his retirement in 1916. Parallel to this, he served 1873-1914 there as librarian.

As a devout Catholic man and critical to Herbermann his life dealing with the Catholic faith and was also involved for many years in church social institutions. He was among the first members of the Catholic Club of New York and directed this 1874/75 as its president. In the Catholic Historical Society, he was also a member and 1898-1913 and its Executive Board.

During the year 1916 Herbermann resigned all his offices and retired into private life. In the same year he died and found his final resting place in New York.

Works (selection)

As author

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As editor

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As a translator

  • Þormóður Torfason: History of ancient Vinland. Shea Books, New York 1891.