Charles Greene (athlete)

Charles Greene (Charles Edward "Charlie" Greene, born March 21, 1945 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas ) is a former American sprinter and Olympic gold medalist.

Greene won in 1966 at the U.S. Championships of the Amateur Athletic Union ( AAU) gold over 100 yards and 1968 gold in the 100 meters and broke the world record twice. In the qualification rounds he set the world record of Armin Hary 10.0 seconds and in the semifinals he was 9.9 seconds, the same time as Jim Hines and Ronnie Ray Smith at the same event.

In the Summer Olympics 1968 in Mexico City, he won the bronze medal in the 100 -meter run behind the American Jim Hines (Gold ) and the Jamaican Lennox Miller ( silver) and the team gold medal in the 4-by- 100 - meter relay along with his teammates Mel Pender, Ronnie Ray Smith and Jim Hines, before the teams from Cuba ( silver ) and France ( bronze).