Charles Higham (archaeologist)

Charles Higham ( born 1939 in England) is a professor of anthropology at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. He made ​​important contributions to understanding the archeology of Southeast Asia and the Thai Studies.

Life and work

Highams father was an architect. He was interested in his youth of Archaeology and helped with 15 years with his brother during excavations in Snail Down at Stonehenge and later in other excavations in Wales, France and Greece. He began his studies in archeology at the University of London and went in 1959 to the Cambridge University, where he received his doctorate in Grahame Clark on the bones of cattle from excavations in Denmark and Switzerland. In 1967 he moved with his family to New Zealand at the University of Otago, where he examined the prehistoric walks in the waste of the Maoris on the basis of shells. In 1969 he was a professor of archeology. In 1969 he hit the U.S. archaeologist Wilhelm Solheim, Donn Bayard and Chester Gorman in Thailand and participated in excavations Gorman on the Khorat Plateau. In 1974 he discovered the Thai archaeologists Prisit Charoenwongsa in Ban Chiang bronze work, which proved at an age of 4000 years as the oldest signs there metalworking later. In 1981 he was at Ban Na Di other bronze works from the period around 1300 BC.

With Ratchanie Thosarat he led excavations at the grave mound of Khok Phanom Di. Together they launched a multidisciplinary program of research on the origins of the Angkor civilization and the exploration of the Iron Age in the region around 500 BC. Higham also undermined in Nong Nor, Ban Lum Khao and Noen U- Loke.

In 2001, Higham and Thosarat suggested the Khmer temple in Angkor Baksei Chamkrong free prehistoric material. Subsequently, his research has focused on the area of Northeast Thailand, Isaan. 2006 Higham digs with Thai archaeologists in Ban Non Wat.

Charles Higham is a member of the British Academy.


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