Charles I, Duke of Savoy

Charles I, known as the fighter, ( born March 29, 1468 Carignano, † March 13, 1490 in Pinerolo ) was 1482-1490 Duke of Savoy.

Like his older brother and predecessor Philibert I. was Charles when he became duke, still a minor. The French king Louis XI. , Related by his marriage with Charlotte of Savoy with Charles family, made ​​his influence felt and made ​​sure that Charles was educated at Château - Renaud in France by the Count of Dunois. Karl then received a solid education and spoke Latin and Greek.

Shortly after Charles Philibert followed the Savoyard throne, died in his mentor Louis XI. in August 1483 and in November of the same year Charles was now 15 years old, employed in Turin solemnly in his rights. The young Duke showed early a lot of energy, in order to strengthen his country, which had lost in previous years in clashes with Burgundy, the Confederates and Milan in power again. To his Chancellor he appointed Antonio da Campione. He himself married four years younger Bianca de Montferrat, daughter of Margrave Wilhelm X. from the House of Palaiologos.

Inside, Karl won against unruly nobles, led by Claudio von Racconiggi, Marshal the Duke, Karl relieved after a rebellion of his offices and dignities. While Savoy was allied with its eastern neighbor Montferrat, it came with the west-facing between Savoy and France Saluzzo under Margrave Louis I ( who was married to Bianca's sister Johanna ) in 1487 for war. With its advance towards Carmagnola and Saluzzo Karl Ludwig forced into submission, who kept his Margraviate though, but Charles swore allegiance. This led to disagreements with France's King Charles VIII, who also claimed the suzerainty over Saluzzo. A meeting between King and Duke in Tours on this issue ended inconclusively; the question remained open initially, to Saluzzo in 1543 fell to France. Charles finally returned to his Turin court, where Bianca 1488 brought a son, the heir to the throne Charles John Amadeus to the world. The Duke fell ill soon after, as it is said to " fatigue " and died in 1490 shortly before his 22nd birthday.

  • Duke (Savoy)
  • Titular King (Jerusalem)
  • House of Savoy
  • Born in 1468
  • Died in 1490
  • Man