Charles J. Folger

Charles James Folger ( born April 16, 1818 in Nantucket, Massachusetts, † September 4, 1884 in Geneva, New York) was an American lawyer and politician ( Republican), who as the cabinet of U.S. President Chester A. Arthur Finance belonged.

Studies and professional career as a judge

Follower was after graduating in law in 1839, first working as a lawyer. In 1844, he was then judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Ontario County ( New York). Between 1851 and 1855 he was a judge of a district court. He then worked again as a lawyer until 1862. In the meantime he was 1857 President of the Trust Board for the election of police chiefs his hometown of Geneva.

In 1870 he continued his career as a judge on New York Court of Appeals continued, which he was president then from 1880 to 1881.

Political career

State Senator in the State of New York

He began his political career in 1862 as a member of the Senate of New York, where he remained until 1869. During this time he was four years the Senate president pro tempore. As such, he was also a member of the 1867 Constituent Assembly of New York.

In 1868, he was also a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Chicago, which nominated the later successful also in the presidential election Ulysses S. Grant. From 1869 to 1870 he was then Deputy Treasurer of New York ( Assistant Treasurer ).

Treasury under President Arthur

On November 14, 1881, he was appointed by President Chester A. Arthur as the successor to Treasury William Windom in his cabinet. As finance minister, he scored the highest budget surplus in the history of all governments. This he achieved despite the tax cut for businesses. He also said the amalgamation OF ADMINISTRATIVE activities on the occasion of the election campaign fund-raising parties.

1882, his nomination for the Republican candidate for election as Governor of New York. Follower, who resigned from his ministerial position neither, nor ever held an election campaign, was defeated in the election but then the later U.S. President Grover Cleveland.

On September 4, 1884, he died in office and was a day later replaced by Walter Q. Gresham.

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