Charles Jewtraw

Charles Henry Jewtraw ( born May 5, 1900 in Harkness, Clinton County, New York, † January 26, 1996 in Palm Beach, Florida) was an American speed skater who won the first gold at the Winter Olympics.


Jewtraw won on January 26, 1924 at the Olympic Games in Chamonix the gold medal in the 500 meters and was thus, as this was the opening event of the first Winter Olympic Games, the first winner in the Winter Games ever. False but would the phrase " first Olympic champion in a winter sport," as several winter sports were previously held in the Summer Games, such as figure skating. Jewtraws Olympic victory was the only U.S. at the Winter Games in Chamonix.

His winning time over 500 meters was 44.0 seconds. He also launched more than 1500 meters and 5000 meters, but was able to win any medals over these distances.

After the Olympics Jewtraw ended his career as a speed skater and began in New York City to work as a sales representative in the sporting goods company Spalding.

Jewtraw died 95 years old in Florida.