Charles-Joseph Natoire

Charles -Joseph Natoire ( born March 3 1700 in Nîmes, † August 23, 1777 in Castel Gandolfo near Rome ) was a French painter of the Rococo period. His teacher was Francois Lemoyne. In 1721 he won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome of the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture and was allowed to go on a scholarship to Rome from 1723. 1729 he returned to Paris and quickly became known on the side of his friend and rival François Boucher. 1734 he was admitted to the painting Vénus des armes à demandant Vulcain as a member of the Académie royale. From 1751 to 1775 he was director of the French Academy in Rome.

Natoire was an outstanding decorator and painter of his generation. He created both religious and mythological paintings and tapestry - boxes and landscape drawings. In his time made ​​him known especially its decorative room ensemble, under which counts the decoration of the salon at the Hôtel de Soubise oval in Paris as his main work. Here he created 1737-1739 eight representations of the history of the psyche, the beauty of the Princess de Soubise compares in subtle ways with psyche.

Natoire was also still the Bibliothèque royale in the decoration, the castle " de la Chapelle- Godefroy " Philibert Orry and for the royal palaces Marly and Versailles involved.

Pictures of Charles-Joseph Natoire