Charles Manley Smith

Charles Manley Smith ( born August 3, 1868 in Rutland, Rutland County, Vermont; † August 12, 1937 ) was an American politician and 1935-1937 Governor of the State of Vermont.

Early years and business promotion

Charles Smith attended Dartmouth College. Then he became private secretary to the former governor of Vermont, Redfield Proctor, was when this war minister of the United States. In the following years, Smith has worked among others in agriculture. Soon he was also successful in other areas. He was involved in the banking and insurance business and in 1920 was president of the Marble Savings Bank. Smith was also director of the Children's Aid of Vermont, the Historical Society and an agricultural association.

Political career

Charles Smith was a member of the Republican Party. Between 1927 and 1929 he was a member of the Senate of Vermont, from 1931 to 1933 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the State. He was chairman of the committee that dealt with the weights and measures. Between 1933 and 1935 he served as Deputy Governor Deputy Governor Stanley C. Wilson. In 1934, Smith was elected as the new governor of his state. He took office on 10 January 1935, and was able to complete a full two -year term until January 7, 1937. During his tenure, both new pension laws and unemployment insurance laws were enacted.

At the time, Smith was involved in a scandal that went back to the year 1932. At that time he found that his bank manager had embezzled $ 251,000 from his account. Smith then returned the matter under the carpet and was compensated by the bank. When this clerk 1935 higher office in the financial management of Vermont sought saw to his opponents that the former operations became public and thus his nomination was stopped. However, this also came in for criticism of the governor, because he had the affair then not display properly. The clerk was sentenced to a term of imprisonment and the others involved bank manager to pay a fine. The indictment against the governor was dismissed.

Further CV

Governor Smith remained after the end of his governorship barely had time to enjoy his retirement. In June 1937 he became seriously ill and, on August 12 this year, he died in his hometown of Rutland. With his wife Aurelia Stark he had three children.