Charles Pelham (congressman)

Charles Pelham ( born March 12, 1835 in Person County, North Carolina; † January 18, 1908 in Poulan, Worth County, Georgia ) was an American lawyer, judge and politician ( Republican).


Charles Pelham moved in 1838 with his parents to Alabama. He attended the community school. He then studied law, was admitted to the bar and then began 1858 in Talladega (Alabama ) to practice. Pelham came in 1862 in the Confederate Army and served as a First Lieutenant in Company C, 51st Regiment, Alabama Infantry. After the end of the American Civil War he served 1868-1873 as a judge on the 10th Judicial District of Alabama. He also pursued a political career. Pelham was elected to the 43rd U.S. Congress and served from March 4, 1873 to March 3, 1875. He decided in 1874 against a candidacy for the 44th U.S. Congress, remained after the end of his tenure in Washington, DC and took the work as a lawyer again. Later he was appointed as a clerk in the Ministry of Finance. Pelham retired in 1907 after Poulan (Georgia), where he died a year later. He was buried there in the Presbyterian Cemetery.

His daughter, Rosa, was with Samuel Taylor Suit (1830-1888), a politician and landowner from Maryland, married.