Charles Shufford

Charles Shufford ( born February 3, 1973 in Martinsville, Virginia as Charles Lamont Shufford, Jr ) is an American heavyweight boxer.


Shufford had 35 amateur fights in the super heavyweight ( no balance available) suggested, Lance Whitaker in 1996, but lost among other things, against Joe Mesi.

Following the movable counter- boxer turned pro, but was outclassed by Robert Davis, who had him on the ground. He was then matched against the Amateur Star Lamon Brewster and scored him from surprising. Another well-known opponent he suggested, was the feared puncher Jimmy Thunder, which was already long on the wane. Both opponents were at that time not in the Top 50 IWBR computer rankings.

Then he got in 2001 a WBO title fight against Wladimir Klitschko but there was completely overwhelmed and went ko He then lost to Lawrence Clay Bey on points against Jameel McCline ( TKO ) and on points against Samuel Peter.

In Michael Mann's biopic Ali Shufford took over in 2001 the role of George Foreman.