Charles Tate Regan

His parents were both musicians and students of William Sterndale Bennett at the Royal Academy of Music. They sent her son to the Derby School, as the then Director J. R. Sterndale Bennett the son of her teacher on the RAM had.

During his school years he showed a talent for sports and music, but was also interested in the natural sciences. His strong character and sporting talent meant that he was captain of the cricket team. At the school side his teacher was so impressed with Regan's scientific interest that he recommended to complete a biological training after school and to pursue a job at the Natural History Museum. In 1897 he left school and studied at Cambridge University biology with Adam Sedgwick and Stanley Gardener later. In 1900 he received the bachelor's degree and graduated in 1907 with MA and honors.

In 1901, he had already directed the zoological department of the Natural History Museum in London. In the period 1927-1938 he was the director of the entire museum. Since 1917 until his death in 1943 he was a member of the Royal Society.

Regan was always trying to encourage young scientists, among them Ethelwynn Trewavas, also a well-known ichthyologist of the 20th century, which has explored especially the cichlids and croakers.

Among the species described by him is also the Siamese fighting fish.

Half of honor were named after him, including the following types:

  • Anadoras regani ( Steindachner 1908)
  • Apistogramma regani Kullander 1980
  • Apogon regani Whitley 1951
  • Astroblepus regani ( Pellegrin 1909)
  • Callionymus regani Nakabo 1979
  • Cetostoma regani Zugmayer 1914
  • Crenichla regani Ploeg 1989
  • Diaphus regani Tåning 1932
  • Engyprosopon regani Hensley & Suzumoto 1990
  • Gambusia regani Hubbs 1926
  • Hemipsilichthys regani Giltay 1936
  • Holohalaelurus regani ( Gilchrist 1922)
  • Hoplichthys regani Jordan 1908
  • Hypostomus regani ( Jhering 1905)
  • Julidochromis regani Poll 1942
  • Lycozoarces regani Popov 1933
  • Neosalanx regani
  • Symphurus regani Weber & de Beaufort 1929
  • Trichomycterus regani ( Eigenmann 1917)
  • Tylochromis regani Stiassny 1989
  • Vieja regani ( Miller 1974)
  • Zebrias regani ( Gilchrist 1906)