Charles Thomas (governor)

Charles Thomas ( born June 23, 1790 at New Castle County, Delaware; † February 8, 1848 ) was an American politician and 1823-1824 Governor of the State of Delaware.

Early years and political rise

Charles Thomas studied beyond primary school law at Princeton University. In 1813 he was admitted to the bar. In 1817 he was elected as a Democratic-Republican Party in the House of Representatives from Delaware. Since 1821 he was a member of the State Senate, which he became president in 1823.

Governor of Delaware and other CV

As the incumbent Governor Joseph Haslet died in office on June 23, 1823 Thomas had to take in accordance with the State Constitution whose term of office. He was between June 23, 1823 to January 20, 1824 the governor of his state. During this time he continued the policy of his predecessor. Paid particular attention to Governor Thomas on improving the school system and prison reform. After the end of his term he retired from politics in his private life. Charles Thomas died in February 1848. Together with his wife Eliza Stoops he had a daughter Eliza, who lived from 1820 to 1898.