Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley ( born December 18, 1707 Epworth, North Lincolnshire, † March 29, 1788 in London) was next to his brother John Wesley and George Whitefield one of the three founders of the Methodist movement. Her father, Samuel Wesley ( senior), was a poet and theologian. The mother was Susanna Wesley.


Like his brother John also studied theology Charles Wesley at Oxford. During his studies he organized a regular meeting believing students, the " Holy Club " was called. His brother John took over the management of this meeting, who also joined George Whitefield in 1732. 1735 Wesley was ordained Anglican priest. After his studies, he traveled to the recently founded colony of Georgia in order to work as a secretary for Governor James Oglethorpe. There he learned the beliefs of the Moravian Church know, especially their idea of ​​a personal faith in Jesus Christ. After a conversion experience in 1737, the brothers began to preach throughout the UK.

Charles was a gifted preacher, but his special contribution to the development of Methodism were his poems in which he brought the Methodist theology, Bible texts and prayers in an easily comprehensible and memorable form. His brother John was respected by the people, almost feared; Charles, however, one has loved. John was the head and organizer of the Methodist movement, but Charles brought the love and the warmth in the interaction. He has written over 6000 poems. Many of them were known as songs. Some are still among the best-known "classics" of English hymns of all denominations. The further development of the hymn in the English cultural area and the later United States was substantially influenced by Wesley's texts.

Charles Wesley died in 1788 in London.


  • Christ the Lord is risen (Christ, the Lord Is Risen Today)
  • Rejoice! The Lord is near
  • Listen to the choirs of angels sing ( Hark! The Herald Angels Sing )
  • Jesus, Savior of my soul (Jesus, Lover of My Soul )
  • Could it be that God gives me (And Can It Be That I Should Gain)
  • Come on, you long-awaited Jesus (Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus)
  • Love, come down to earth ( Love Divine, All Loves Excelling )
  • My mouth sing a thousand times (Oh, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing )
  • With shouts rejoice / Rejoice, the Lord Is King! ( Rejoice! The Lord Is King )


March 2 in the calendar of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ( ELCA ).

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