Charley Lincoln

Laughing Charley Lincoln (actually Charley Hicks, born March 11, 1900 in Lithonia, Georgia, † September 28, 1963 ) was an American blues guitarist and singer. With his younger brother Barbecue Bob (Robert Hicks ), he was one of the main representatives of the Atlanta blues.

The two brothers Charley ( also sometimes spelled "Charlie" ) and Robert Hicks probably learned along with Curley Weaver from its mother Savannah " Dip " Shepard play the guitar. They appeared together in their home area.

1923 Charley went to Atlanta and began to play on a 12 string guitar. The following year, succeeded by his brother Robert, in 1925 came Weaver.

In 1927, a talent scout for Robert Hicks attentive and took pictures with him, which quite successfully sold under the artist name "Barbecue Bob". On Barbecue Bob's recommendation, also his brother could do as "Laughing Charley Lincoln " recordings.

Charley's first recording It Will not Be Long Now was still with Barbecue Bob together, the next number Hard Luck Blues was without the support of his brother a hit. However Laughing Charley could never measure up to his brother's success.

Barbecue Bob died in 1931, and Laughing Charley got addicted to alcohol. It should make no further recordings. He came into conflict with the law and was convicted of a murder in 1955 to 20 years in prison. Laughing Charley Lincoln died in September 1963 in prison.