Charlie Aldrich

Charlie Aldrich ( born June 3, 1918) was an American country musician, guitarist and composer. His nickname was "Walkin ' Talkin' ' Charlie Aldrich.


Childhood and youth

Charlie Aldrich comes from Ogawam, Oklahoma. During the Great Depression, he worked on the farm of his mother, of his money saved he bought in 1932 for $ 3.98 his first guitar. The guitar playing, he learned from his mother. An early influence perceive the "Singing Cowboy" Gene Autry. In 1946 he was drafted into the Navy.


After discharge from the Navy, he had his first public appearance at CBS, where he got his own radio show ( Oklahoma Roundup ). After moving to California, he began among others with the popular swing musicians Spade Cooley to work. 1951 meant his title Walkin 'The Guitar String breakthrough. In the following years he got his own TV show, hosted three different radio broadcasts and over again released records. As the emerging rock ' n ' roll pushed the country music, it was quiet also Aldrich, until he completely retired from the music business.

Pictures of Charlie Aldrich