Charlie Ventura

Charlie Ventura ( born December 2, 1916 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, † January 17, 1992 Pleasantville, New Jersey) was an American jazz saxophonist (tenor, soprano, alto, baritone, bass).

Life and work

Ventura was one of the protagonists of bebop. " Bop for the people " - that was his motto, and that often included a vocal by Buddy Stewart and Jackie Cain & Roy Kral. His secret love was the Big Band. However, his attempts to hold together a big jazz band had little success.

Ventura played in New York et al with Dizzy Gillespie, Buddy DeFranco, Roy Eldridge and in jam sessions. 1942/3 he was with Gene Krupa, thereafter until 1944 when Teddy Powell and 1944-1946 at Krupa, before he had his own big band again 1946/7. In January 1946, he starred with Charlie Parker and Lester Young's side at one of the first Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts. 1947 to 1949 he was known as a leader with Bop for the People, but could last only occur for economic reasons and septet, including the alto saxophonist Boots Must Ulli. 1950/51 he led a big band again. In 1951 he formed with Buddy Rich, Chubby Jackson and Marty Napoleon, the "Big Four". In 1952, he was in a trio with Gene Krupa on tour in Japan. With Krupa he worked also in the 1960s. 1958 to 1961 he was in Las Vegas.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • Classics ( F ) CD 1044, Classics ( F ) CD 1111, Classics ( F ) CD 1149, Classics ( F) CD1215
  • Carnegie Hall Concert Verve MG V- 8132
  • Mosaic MD6 -182 (CD)


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  • Jazz saxophonist
  • Bandleader
  • American musician
  • Born 1916
  • Died in 1992
  • Man