Charlie Watts

Charles Robert " Charlie" Watts (born 2 June 1941 in Islington, London, England ) has been the drummer for the Rolling Stones in January 1963, followed by the way but also solo projects.

Biography and music

Watts attended the Fryant Way Infants School in Kingsbury. Since 1952, he went to the Tylers Croft Secondary Modern School. At age 13, he bought a banjo, but quickly lost the desire to play and it worked to a drum. At Christmas 1955 he got from his parents Linda and Charles a simple percussion paid and took a liking to the instrument. At this time he was influenced by drummer Chico Hamilton. In 1960, Watts art school Harrow Art School and worked for an advertising agency. In 1961 he designed with Ode To A High Flying Bird, a children's book about Charlie Parker, which was first published in 1965.

Since 1960, Watts played in the band Blues By Five. Become aware of him, Alexis Korner offered him in 1961 to join his band, Blues Incorporated as a drummer, but Watts had professionally until February 1962 after Denmark. After his return to England he played in the trio of pianist and comedian Dudley Moore, but shortly thereafter he joined Blues Incorporated at. In an appearance at Ealing Club 1962 Watts first met Brian Jones. This has now also as a guitarist member of Blues Incorporated. After an appearance in April 1962, the young Mick Jagger was hired as a singer of the band.

In June 1962, Jones and Jagger separated from Blues Incorporated and founded with Keith Richards, Dick Taylor, Ian Stewart and Mick Avory the Rolling Stones. In December 1962 left Watts Blues Incorporated, as he thought he was not good enough to play together with such excellent artists. At the same time the bass player Dick Taylor was replaced by Bill Wyman in the Stones. Since Mick Avory left the Stones to enter in the Kinks, the band appeared briefly on without drummer. After an " intake interview " between Ian Stewart and Watts, the Rolling Stones took effect on January 12, 1963 for the first time with Charlie Watts on drums on - a cast that should have decades of existence. Due to its dry, direct percussion style, he is regarded as the rhythmic foundation of the band and was incorporated in 1989 with this in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Watts has long been dependent on alcohol, but could be successfully solved by self- discipline and consistency of this addiction. In the 80s he toured with its own big band, the musicians like Jack Bruce, Evan Parker and Courtney Pine belonged. In 2001, he was in Japan with a Tentett, which focused on jazz.

Since 2010, Charlie Watts is propagated with the band founded in 2009, The ABC & D of Boogie Woogie on the go. The letters A, B, C and D stand for the initials of the first names of the band members. In addition to Watts, the two pianists Axel Zwingenberger and Ben Waters and bassist Dave Green are involved in the boogie -woogie and swing project with which Watts is friends since the age of five. They played among other concerts in Monaco, Paris, in London's Royal Festival Hall, in Hamburg, Munich, Prague, Monte Carlo, Graz and Bad Ischl. End of October 2010 was followed by another appearance at the festival in Steinegg Steinegg Live at Bolzano. In 2011 and 2012 the band went on smaller tours, in 2012 she was the first time outside Europe in New York.


Charlie Watts plays Gretsch drums of the company, in the configuration: bass drum, hanging tom (which he separately positioned on a stand ), floor tom, snare, hi-hat and four pools.


Watts is married to his wife Shirley since 1964. Her daughter was born in 1968. He is the only member of the Stones, alongside Keith Richards, has married only once. 2004 was diagnosed when former smokers Watts throat cancer. After radiotherapy, he has recovered and went in August 2005 with the Stones again on a world tour.

Solo projects

  • Rocket 88 - Rocket 88 (1981 )
  • Live - Fulham Town Hall - The Charlie Watts Orchestra (1986 )
  • Tribute to Charlie Parker With Strings - Charlie Watts ( 1992)
  • From One Charlie - Charlie Watts Quintet (1992 )
  • Warm & Tender - Charlie Watts (1993 )
  • Long Ago & Far Away - Charlie Watts (1996 )
  • Charlie Watts / Jim Keltner Project - Charlie Watts Jim Keltner & (2000)
  • The Magic of Boogie Woogie - Charlie Watts, Axel Zwingenberger, Dave Green (2010)
  • Boogie 4 Stu - A Tribute To Ian Stewart - Ben Waters (2011)
  • Live in Paris - The ABC & D of Boogie Woogie (2012 )