With the word Chasma (Greek Chasma, χάσμα = the chasm, throat) is called a deep chasm or by steep rock faces limited, torn Canyon. You may be open, but also partially closed by sediment or rock avalanches. Retrieved from " Chasma " is also the word pillbox is derived.

While the word (plural Chasmata ) is rarely used in the terrestrial geology, it is more common name component for large grave breaches on Mars or Venus. Some examples are:

  • Eos Chasma ( Mars, end of Valles Marineris )
  • Artemis Chasma ( on Venus )
  • Hebes Chasma ( Mars )
  • Ithaca Chasma on Saturn's moon Tethys.

See also: canyon, gorge, Escarpment, geological fault

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