Chavuma is a city with about 20,000 inhabitants ( officially unspecified) on the Zambezi River in the extreme west of the north-western province of Zambia. It is located 1,072 meters above sea level and is the seat of the administrative district of the same name with 29 941 inhabitants ( 2000 census ). The border to Angola is located ten kilometers north. The gravel from Kasempa M8 performs this city.


Chavuma is a market town, where cross-border goods offered by traders of both countries. The proximity of the border, the city has always been characterized. The approximately one hundred kilometers north Cazombo located on the Zambezi was because of its paved, two-mile runway, a hard -fought place and an important supply route for UNITA. That made Chavuma not only repeated the target of waves of refugees. but also from attacks by UNITA. Until then Chavuma was better known as a small village and producer of rice, cassava, peanuts and corn.

Since 2004, the city is connected to the national power grid, which anschob development. In a short time, permanent buildings were erected, set up businesses and established offices for representatives of government and associations. The currency of this are obviously diamonds from Angola and cobalt from the Congo is not very far away. The disorganization in Angola and Congo makes Chavuma the central logistics base of the neighboring provinces of the neighbors. For this revenue the state ZESCO built in just six months, a complete power supply to Chavuma.

In 2005, as in 2006 Chavuma lay behind Livingstone 's second last place in the ranking of the number of food the needy in the districts of Zambia. This is an unusual figure in this province, pointing to a crucial shift in the population in this city.

On 23 October 2006 the BBC reported in Zambia oil and gas reserves were first discovered. For detailed studies of the areas in the districts Chavuma and Zambesi President Mwanawasa would win foreign oil companies.


Chavuma has an unpaved, 1,200 -meter-long airstrip, a mission hospital, primary and secondary schools.


Local attractions are just a few feet high Chavumafälle of the Zambezi, which are flooded during the rainy season from the River to the point of invisibility. However, you are in Zambia as a limit of 800 km long upper reaches of the river, where it falls to just 180 meters.