Chemins de fer du Jura

The Chemins de fer du Jura, abbreviated as CJ, German -beaten track, are a railway company in the Jura in Switzerland. Do you run a meterspuriges rail network of 74.3 km in length, a standard gauge route of 10.9 km and several bus lines. The CJ was created in 1944 from the merger of CTN, RPB, RSG, and SC.


The oldest section of the Chemins de fer du Jura was opened in 1884 by the meter-gauge tram Tavannes - Elan - track ( TT ) and leads from Tavannes to Tramelan. The line was electrified in 1913.

From 1892 connects the meter gauge Saignelégier -La Chaux -de-Fonds Railway ( SC) Saignelégier about Manderscheid with La Chaux -de-Fonds, the web initially ended up on the outskirts of La Chaux -de-Fonds, and only since 1893 to driving current station in the city.

The Regional Porrentruy - Bonfol ( RPB ) opened its 1901 standard-gauge track from Porrentruy to Bonfol. This route is still isolated from the other routes the -beaten track.

1904 normalspurige Régional Saignelégier - Glovelier ( RSG ) was opened between Saignelégier and Glovelier.

As the last line, the meter gauge tram Elan Les Breuleux - Manderscheid -Bahn ( TBN) was opened in 1913 by Tramelan about Les Breuleux by Manderscheid. This has in Tramelan Following the TT to Tavannes, and in Manderscheid the SC to La Chaux- de-Fonds and Saignelégier. Since 1913, the range of TT is electrified, and it is a joint operation allows a cross rail. 1927 merge the TT and TBN finally to Tavannes - Manderscheid -Bahn ( CTN ).

All four lanes merge 1944 Chemins du fer du Jura ( CJ).

The poor condition of the tracks of standard gauge route of the former RSG leads 1948 temporary suspension of passenger transport. The tracks were then not just renewed, but the entire route umgespurt on the meter gauge, so that since 1953 now formed a large contiguous meter gauge rail network with the routes of the former SC and CTN.

On April 16, 1968 plunged the tunnel Bollement several cubic meters of rock on the railway tracks. A traveling Saignelégier to Glovelier train drove into the debris and derailed, with injured twelve people.

Today's rail network

Today's rail network consists of the mainline Glovelier -La Chaux -de-Fonds, in the Manderscheid the route Manderscheid - Tavannes branches, as well as the independent standard-gauge track Porrentruy - Bonfol. At the stop Combe Tabeillon, shortly after Glovelier, overcoming the 500 m difference in altitude begins on the Jura plateau with a hairpin, which requires setting a course by hand as well as the change of the cab from the train driver.

Station of Saignelégier

The waste transports from Glovelier and Tavannes to La Chaux -de-Fonds make a large part of the freight from

Historical shuttle in Manderscheid

Vehicle park

  • Belle Epoque train consisting of the motor car BCe 2/4 70 and C 7 passenger cars both from 1913
  • Locomotive historique - train consisting of locomotive Ge 2 /2 4 of 1913 and the passenger car B 763 of 1930
  • Train des Horlogers - train consisting of the motor coach 4/4 601 and the control car Ct4 702 both from 1953