Chena River

Valley of the Chena River east of Fairbanks

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The Chena River is a 160 km long river in the Interior of Alaska. It rises on the western flank of the White Mountains and flows westwards up to confluence with the Tanana River near Fairbanks.

Five tributaries, North Fork, South Fork, West Fork, Middle ( East) Fork and the Little Chena River, feed the Middle Fork, from the Chena River is. At the upper reaches of the river lies the Chena River State Recreation Area, an approximately 1000 km ² large State Park.

In the north of Fairbanks, the Chena Hot Springs Road from the Steese Highway branches off to the east and runs along the river to Chena Hot Springs on the North Fork. In the local village there is a thermal spring resort, which is powered by Alaska's first low-temperature Geothermalanlage with energy.

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