Cherith Baldry

Cherith Baldry ( born January 21, 1947 in Lancaster) is a British writer. She is a member of the writing staff Erin Hunter.


Cherith Baldry grew up in Lancaster, close to the Lake District. She studied at the University of Manchester and at St Anne 's College, Oxford. Subsequently, she worked for several years as a teacher and as a lecturer at the University of Sierra Leone.

As well as working in the team of writers Erin Hunter writes adventure novels, novellas and short stories. Her special interest is stories about the Arthurian legend. She wrote the trilogy Eaglemount (Eng. The silver horn) and the Abbey Mysteries series.

Cherith Baldry lived in Reigate. She is widowed and has two sons.


In German language are published by Cherith Baldry:

  • Adventure of faraway worlds. ( Saga of the Six Worlds Series. ) Schulte & Gerth, Aslar. Escape from Tar- Askar. ( Hostage of the Sea. Aka Rite of Brotherhood. ) From the English by Christian Rendel. 1995, ISBN 3-89437-317-2.
  • The track after Pelidor. ( The Carpenter 's Apprentice. ) From the English by Margit Lang. 1995, ISBN 3-89437-381-4.
  • Struggle to Altara. ( Stormwind. ) From the English by Dorthe Schilken. 1996, ISBN 3-89437-390-3.
  • The silver horn. (Eagle Mount Trilogy. ) From the English by Ursula Höfker. With illustrations by David Wyatt. Arena, Würzburg 2003. Volume 1: Shadows over source country. ( The Silver Horn. ) ISBN 3-401-05516- X.
  • Volume 2: mystery of the eagle stone. ( The Emerald Throne. ) ISBN 3-401-05517-8.
  • Volume 3: Danger on the Black Sea. ( The Lake of Darkness. ) ISBN 3-401-05518-6.
  • The Venetian ring. (The Reliquary Ring.) From the English by Irene Bonhorst. Piper, Munich, 2005, ISBN 3-492-26584-7.