Chernyakhovsky District

The Rajon Tschernjachowsk (Russian Черняховский район ) is located in the heart of Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast. Administrative headquarters of Rajons is the third largest city of the territory Tschernjachowsk (formerly Insterburg )

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Moscow (the former Prussian Eastern Railway ), one each branch line from Tschernjachowsk after Schelesnodoroschny ( Gerdauen ) and Sowetsk ( Tilsit ) - By Rajonsgebiet the main railway line, Kaliningrad (Königsberg ) runs.

By Rajon the main road A 229 of Kaliningrad runs through Lithuania to Moscow, the former German Empire Street 1 in a north-south direction to Rajon crosses the main road A 197 of Bolschakowo ( United Skaisgirren, 1938-1945 " Kreuzingen " ) to Krylowo ( Nordenburg ) on the route of the former kingdom of road 137 (up Insterburg ) and National Highway 139 (from Insterburg ).

The Rajonsgebiet is crossed by the rivers Inster, Angerapp and Pregel.


The Rajon divided into an urban community ( gorodskoje posselenije ) based in Tschernjachowsk (Russian Черняховск ) ( Insterburg ) and five other towns and three rural communities ( selskoje posselenije ) with a total of 96 settlements ( possjolok ).

George castle

On the Rajonsgebiet in the village majówka is the old Ordensburg George Castle.


The Rajon was founded on April 7, 1946 as Insterburgski rayon. It corresponded approximately to the existing 1945 County Insterburg, but was brought up in the north- west to the former imperial 138, this included the place Popelken ( 1938-1945 " market Hausen " ) and moreover the location Mehlauken ( 1938-1945 " Liebenfelde " ). On September 7, 1946, the city was renamed Insterburg Tschernjachowsk and Rajon rajon in Chernyakhovsky. Just as the city Insterburg had remained acyclic, Tschernjachowsk was initially rajonfrei. At the foundation of Rajon Bolschakowo on 25 July 1947, the renamed Kalinowka, Zalessye and Wyssokoje Locations United Aulowönen ( 1938-1945 " Aulenbach " ) went Popelken and Mehlauken over to it.

In the years 1963-1965 the Rajon was connected to the Rajon Osjorsk. In 1965 the place Kalinowka returned from Rajon Slawsk back to Rajon Tschernjachowsk. In 1996, the city was incorporated into the Tschernjachowsk Rajon.

As part of local government Rajon got first in 2004 the status of a city district ( Черняховский городской округ, Chernyakhovsky Gorodskoi okrug ) and finally in 2008 the status of a " municipal " Rajons ( Черняховский муниципальный район, Chernyakhovsky munizipalny rayon ). The existing seven village districts were converted into three rural communities.

Village soviets / village districts 1947-2008