Chertsey is a town in the British county of Surrey. The city lies on the River Thames and its tributaries Bourne. Chertsey is well served by the M25 Motorway to the UK motorway network and is the seat of the Regus Group. In addition, the M25 Motorway serves as a direct connection to the British capital London, of Chertsey, just 50 km to the west lies. Chertsey currently has about 15,967 inhabitants.


The origins lie in the Chertseys founded by the Bishop of London, Eorcenwald, in the year 666 Chertsey Abbey. This Chertsey got the nickname " The historical town of Chertsey " ( the historic town of Chertsey ). To the monastery to a settlement, which developed into the present-day town has developed.

In the 9th century it was destroyed by the Danes and founded by King Edgar of England back in the year 946. Built in the years 1783-1785 Chertsey Bridge is today still the most important bridge over the river.

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