Chery Automobile (Chinese奇瑞 汽车, Pinyin Rui Qi Qiche ) is a Chinese car manufacturer.

Chery was founded in Wuhu in Anhui province in 1997. 1999 rolled the first car off the assembly line, already in 2005 the 200,000 th unit was delivered. With nearly 170,000 vehicles, which were shipped abroad, Chery, 2011 was the largest Chinese vehicle exporter.

Wider awareness of producers worldwide reached in September 2006, when it was announced that DaimlerChrysler had with Chery found a new Chinese partner. Cheap small car produced by Chery in China, should be sold under the Dodge brand in the USA.

Since 2008, some models of the manufacturer in Egypt are produced as Speranza Chery and sold. Face there is a separate level, although the Chery logo is used in these vehicles. In the Russian Federation Chery plans to make a name under the new brand name Vortex.

Even with the Fiat group Chery will do business in the future. The previous MOU that Fiat petrol engines with 1.6 and 1.8 refer liters cubic capacity from Chery for the Fiat production in China. There should be at least 100,000 units per annum. At the Geneva Motor Show 2009, the Chery DR2 was presented, which is based on the Fiat Panda and will be built in Italy.

With the Israeli conglomerate Israel Corporation, a subsidiary of the Ofer Brothers Group, the joint venture is to develop vehicles Qoros Western standards for the domestic market and for export.

Research and patent applications

Chery Automobile is one of the fastest growing producers of passenger cars and tractors in China and is considered a national industry leader in terms of export. Not least for this Chery currently maintains two Chinese research centers and invests a significant proportion (7%) of its total turnover in innovation. This development can be seen in recent years by the increasing patent and utility model applications. In 2007 Chery announced more than 400 patents and utility models. This represents an increase of over 200% over the previous year.

Models of the brand Chery

  • Chery QQ3 (internal S16; previously only Chery QQ )
  • Chery QQ6 (internal S21, S21 Chery in Chile, Ukraine, Chery Jaggi )
  • Chery QQme (internal S16)
  • Chery A1 ( S12 internally; Chery ego in Serbia)
  • Chery Fulwin (internal A11; license of the Seat Toledo, 2006 set )
  • Chery Cowin (internal A15; optically revised Fulwin )
  • Chery Fulwin 2
  • Chery A3 ( M11 internally )
  • Chery A5 ( internally A21, Chery Elara in Ukraine, Chery Alia in Turkey)
  • Chery Eastar ( B11 internally )
  • Chery Eastar Cross (internal B14)

Models of the brand Riich

On the export side, the models are also sold under the brand Chery.

  • Riich M1
  • Riich G5 (internal A6)
  • Riich G6
  • Riich X1
  • Riich X5

More Brands

At Chery also includes three other brands:

  • Karry
  • Rely
  • Riich

As a result of the decline in sales in 2011 and the first quarter of 2012, which had to admit the line of Chery and which are recycled in the company on the incomprehensible brand portfolio, brand Riich and Rely are to be cashed again.