Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Hawkes Lee ( born September 22, 1971 in Windsor, Berkshire, England ) is a British pop singer and film actor.

Hawkes was primarily known for his single " The One and Only " and the MATCHING movie "Buddy 's Song". The single was released in March 1991 written and produced by Nik Kershaw, a longtime friend of the Hawkes family.

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Chesney's parents are the former lead singer of the Tremeloes, Leonard "Chip" Hawkes and actress Carol Dilworth, known from the movie " goose bumps ". Chesney has a sister Keely, in 1993 even as a pop singer released an album with moderate success and a brother named Jodie, who sits in Chesney's band on drums. Chesney was named after the comedian Chesney Allen. Hawkes is married and father of three children since 4 July 1997.



Hawkes ' career began in 1991 on the side of The -Who frontman Roger Daltrey in the film " Buddy's Song", in which he played the title role. Shortly after the film's release, he published his most famous single "The One and Only ", which for five weeks led the British charts. The song was written by Nik Kershaw. With further singles such as " I'm a Man Not a Boy" or "Secrets of the Heart", he could indeed continue to hold in the charts, but not achieve the success of "The One and Only ". In these two years, Hawkes was touring with his band throughout the world and made it with " The One and Only " at position 20 of the most successful singles of the 90s.


Nearly two years later, Chesney Hawkes released his second album " Get the Picture ". It took nearly a decade (2002) until, when heard even in some parts of England, again musically Chesney Hawkes. He released the single " Stay Away Baby Jane " which was very successful.


In March 2005, the British Channel 4 Hawkes made ​​the offer in the 3rd season of the show "The Games" play along, in which ten celebrities such as Mel C ( Sporty Spice ) in Olympic disciplines must compete against each other. On the offer of Channel 4 followed in April of the same year another TV service of the British ITV transmitter, which Hawkes allowed the chance to get a record deal. In " Hit Me Baby One More Time ", a sort of comeback show, he made it though to the finals, but he lost to Shakin 'Stevens. Nevertheless, he brought in the same year, the single " Another Fine Mess " on the market, which peaked at # 48 in the UK charts. Beginning of 2008 brought with Hawkes "Sargent Poppy Records " ( his own record label ), the album " Another Fine Mess" out.


Hawks / Alexander / Hawkes

Together with the English comedian Tony Hawks and Ash Alexander the idea for " Hawks / Alexander / Hawke ' was launched. Together they write mostly less serious texts. On the official MySpace page of " Hawks / Alexander / Hawke " You can listen to some songs and watch a " short film".


He came to prominence as a songwriter for A1, Caprice, Triple Eight, Jamie Benson, Bare Jr. and Tricky a name. He wrote the single " Wasted" for Jennifer Paige, the so (after their hit " Crush" ) attempted a comeback. For the album "To Be Frank" by Nik Kershaw, he wrote the song " Jane Doe".



  • 03 /1991: The One and Only ( UK # 1, AT # 1, IRL # 3, CH # 4, D # 8, U.S. # 10)
  • 05 /1991: I'm a Man Not a Boy (IRL # 25, UK # 27, CH # 28, D # 44)
  • 09 /1991: Secrets of the Heart ( UK # 57, D # 68)
  • 12/1991: Feel So Alive
  • 05 /1993: What's Wrong with This Picture ( AT # 29, UK # 63, D # 71)
  • 07/ 1993: Missing You Already
  • 09/ 1993: Black and White People
  • 01 /2002: Stay Away Baby Jane ( UK # 74)
  • 05/ 2005: Another Fine Mess ( UK # 48)


  • 04 /1991: The Buddy 's Song Soundtrack / The One and Only ( U.S. title) ( UK # 18)