Chess Fever

Nikolai Schpikowski,

  • Anna Semzowa: The Heroine
  • Wladimir Vogel: the hero
  • José Raúl Capablanca: the world champion
  • Boris Barnet: thief
  • Natalya Glan
  • Sachar Darewski
  • Mikhail Sharov: the painter
  • Anatoli Ktorow means a passenger
  • Yakov Protasanow: the pharmacist
  • July Raisman: the assistant pharmacist
  • Ivan Koval - Samborski: the militiaman
  • Konstantin Eggert

Chess Fever (Russian: Шахматная горячка, Schachmatnaja gorjatschka ) is a Soviet comedy film from 1925 in which a number of chess masters of the time - like Carlos Torre Repetto, Rudolf Spielmann, Frank Marshall, Richard Réti, Ernst Grünfeld, Frederick Yates, Solomon God Help and Alexander Ilyin - Schenewski - appear as extras. The recordings of the players at their chess boards were created during the Moscow tournament of 1925. The former world champion José Raúl Capablanca played himself in a supporting role.


The focus of the short film, a young, chess -obsessed man is standing at the time of the chess tournament in Moscow. He devotes his full attention to chess, he wears socks in a checkerboard pattern, plaid used handkerchiefs and has countless pocket chess with him. Therefore neglected his companion turns away from him and hits on their way through Moscow at each corner of chess-playing humans. Your dislike of chess, however, is reversed, as they happen José Raúl Capablanca met the handsome and follows him to the venue of the international tournament. There she meets her mate again, and with their newfound enthusiasm chess everything will turn out well.


Is represented in artistic excessive, the satirical form at that time emerging in the land of chess enthusiasm. However gorjatschka could also be translated as haste or agitation, what the intention of the artists may encounters even better.