Chevrolet Chevette

Chevrolet Chevette, model 1978

The name Chevrolet Chevette carry two models of the U.S. company General Motors: On the one built from 1975 to 1987 small car ( subcompact ); on the other hand also manufactured by GM in Brazil model of the lower middle class, which was produced from 1973 until 1993. Both vehicles were based on the German Opel Kadett C.

Chevrolet Chevette (USA)

The Chevette was based on the T platform from GM and was thus related to the Opel Kadett C, the British Vauxhall Chevette, the Isuzu Gemini in Japan and the Brazilian Chevrolet Chevette. However, the U.S. Chevette was constructively adapted to the local conditions (especially in regard to the installation of a ( genuine Yamaha ) air conditioning ) so that they appeared later than the mentioned models.

The Chevette was sold in the early years as a Pontiac Acadian in Canada before the Pontiac T1000 brought its own Chevette variant, which was also offered as a Pontiac Acadian in Canada.

History on model years


For the model year 1976 published in autumn 1975, the Chevrolet Chevette, for now only as a three-door hatchback. In addition to the basic model, there is a stripped-down entry-level model called the scooter, which dispenses with chrome trim and rear seat, but is with $ 2899 the cheapest car on the U.S. market; Further, the equipment lines sports, rally and Woody (with a partial foil decorative wood ) with enriched features. For the drive four-cylinder make 1400 cc (39 kW) and 1600 cc (45 kW), coupled with a four-speed transmission ( three-speed automatic optional).

Distinguishing the early Chevette (up to and including model year 1978) are embedded in the caves headlights, the split radiator grille and the area below the rear window very rounded tail.


The Woody features omitted, sports and rally packets are replaced by equipping rallying. When Scooter the rear seat is now standard, but can be omitted ( nominal charge ). What is new is the Sandpiper package in white or spot color golden yellow with decorative stripes on the C-pillars. Changes on the carburettor 1.6-liter is now at 47, the 1.4-liter 43 kW. Nine new colors are in the program.


In addition to the three-door model a five -door model is on an extended wheelbase by 76 mm. The apparently too weak 1.4-liter ( especially in conjunction with automatic and / or air conditioning ) drops out of the program, which is 1.6-liter with 46 kW series continues, a 50 kW version is available at extra cost. The basic equipment of the regular Chevette (not the scooter ) is around 18 former Extras extended (radio, center console, front spoiler, etc.), and of the 14 available paint colors are ten new.


The Chevette gets a facelift with rectangular headlights and a wide, full-length grille, the rear remains unchanged for now. The 1.6-liter gets a double carburetors and now makes 52 or 55 kW. On request is available under the symbol F41 sport suspension with rear and front reinforced anti-roll bar.


In this model year, the rear is lifted and shaped angular, enlarged the rear window as well as the tail lights. Among the 14 paint colors added 5 two-color combinations. The fuel filler flap is now around (previously Square ).


The windshield is now glued flush; New are also the silver steel rims and the black grille with chrome highlights. For the first time the power steering in conjunction with automatic transmission and air conditioning. The engine receives a computer control and continues to make 52 kW, the stronger version, there are no more.


Against about 20 % surcharge derived from a Isuzu 1.8 -liter four -cylinder diesel engine (38 kW) comes into the program ( standard fuel consumption: 5.9 l/100 km in the city, 4.3 liters on the country). On request there is the petrol engine with five-speed gearbox, the diesel it's series. The gasoline engine in terms of performance falls back to 49 kW. For the first time the scooter and five doors.


The Chevette receives another small facelift with a deep -drawn front spoiler, bumpers in body color ( Scooter: black bumpers) and several black anodized chrome parts. New model Chevette S. Sporty in appearance with even more black


The scooter falls from the program. Base Chevette now with black bumpers, with optional chrome inserts. A new trim level is the Chevette CS with bumpers in body color, center console, cigarette lighter and radio.


The base model is omitted, only the CS remains available. Diesel is no longer in conjunction with automatic transmission. Eight new colors, optional Z13 sport trim package with grille, bumpers and black wheels.


New Chevrolet emblem adorns the grille, on the rear window sits the newly mandatory third brake light.


Elimination of the diesel engine. End of production in summer 1987.


Total: 2.79965 million

Chevrolet Chevette (Brazil )

Chevrolet Chevette 1981

The Brazilian version of the Chevrolet Chevette appeared there in April 1973 as the Opel Kadett C nearly identical two -, later also known as less successful four-door sedan, three-door hatchback model, Chevette Hatch and similar to the City Cadet, under the name Marajó as three-door station wagon, as well as a pick -up. The cadet, however, was only introduced at the IAA in the autumn of 1973.

Was driven by the Brazilian Chevette gasoline four- cylinder engines of 1.0, 1.4 and 1.6 liters of displacement, the latter with single carburetor or in the Model S version with dual carburetors. The engines were partially available in versions for alcohol use.

At first there was only the two-door with 1.4-liter (68 SAE gross horsepower ) in the trim levels base and SL on offer. 1975 with matte black trim athletic put up Chevette GP variant was introduced, which was, however, driven by the unchanged engine of the base model. Beginning in 1976, the Chevette SL received chrome bezels. In January 1977, the Chevette GP II, the economical thanks to changes to the engine than the previous model was released.

In 1978 a first facelift with a split grille, reminiscent of contemporary Pontiac models. Appeared in 1979 and four-door sedan and three-door Chevette Hatch as well as the special edition Chevette jeans with denim upholstery fabrics on the seats and door panels.

1980 was lifted, and the rear of the 1.4-liter was as alcohol version on the market. In the same year, the five hundred thousandth copy of the Chevette rolled off the line. The following year, the round headlights were replaced by rectangular and increases the bumpers. It appeared another special model in black with gold trim or vice versa; also came as a genuine sports model out the Chevette S / R with 1.6 - liter engine.

In 1983, the Chevette received a major facelift with rectangular headlights, juxtaposed indicators, continuous shallower grille and hood. New vent windows were in the ( front ) doors, dashboard, the 1.6-liter for alcohol and operating a deliverable on request five-speed gearbox.

1987, a facelift was performed again; the front bumper with integrated grille now handed to the wheel arches. New to the program was the luxury version SE with enriched features. Hatch and four-door have been deleted.

In 1988, the 1.6-liter, who had now completely replaces the 1.4-liter, revised and made ​​instead of 73 now 81 HP. The SE has been renamed to SL / E, as in the Chevrolet Monza and Opala. In 1989 the production of the estate version Marajo favor of based on the Chevrolet Kadett Ipanema was abandoned. As of 1991, there was the Chevette only in the basic version DL, which was equipped from 1992 with catalyst.

1992 launched the Chevrolet Chevette Junior as saving model with 50 hp Einlitermotor. 1993 gave way to the DL the barren equipped L. The last Chevette rolled in Brazil on 12 November 1993 by the band. A total of 1.6 million copies were produced there in 20 years; as the successor of the Chevette was the Chevrolet Corsa, derived from the Opel Corsa B.


The fact that the GM Chevette, which was virtually identical to the Opel Kadett, not introduced under the German name in Brazil is said to have been because they wanted to avoid associations with the ruling there until 1985 military regime. 1989 GM launched in Brazil then the Chevrolet Kadett E, which was built parallel to the Chevette.

A Chevette with the number plate D-Fens in Falling Down bears contribute to the action.

In an episode of the U.S. series Scrubs ( My colleague ) evades one of the protagonists ( Donald Faison ) a conversation by jumping out of a moving car. Then, the Chevette breaks through a bridge railing and collided with a wall.