Chevrolet Kodiak

GMC C7500 (identical )

The Chevrolet Kodiak - also known as GMC Topkick and Isuzu H -Series offered - is a series of medium-sized trucks from General Motors. It serves mostly as a basis for work trucks, trucks, garbage trucks and similar vehicles, the motors with large torque, require large payload and high traction. There are Stellmacher companies that rebuild these cars for the user flatbed and other delivery vehicles. The main competitors of the Kodiak are the Ford Super Duty and the International CXT.

Kodiak and Topkick were introduced in 1980 as stronger versions of the then already offered the C-Series pickups. " Kodiak " followed the series of "frontier beast " names, the other Chevrolets were given, for example, bison or Bruin. "Top Kick " comes from the military sector and joins the group of similar GMC names, such as General and Brigadier one. The cars of the first generation can be recognized by its grille in the vehicle width and their rectangular headlights, side by side in chrome frame beneath the name " GMC " or the Chevrolet - Cross over the grill; normal, from 1973 to 1989 manufactured C50 - C80 have round headlights and the emblem sits on the grille.

With the second generation in 1990 all GM truck Hood got the name Kodiak or Topkick, was set up production in 1995; These cars had the " GMT400 " cab until 2003, always with the " rectangular " dashboard of the light truck of 1995., you are still manufactured in Mexico.

2004 were the models for the U.S. market a new platform with a wider cabin, which resembled that of the great GM truck models.

A special Kodiak C4500 was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show 2006. It is aimed directly at the International RXT, which was presented there as well and has a DVD-based navigation system and a powerful audio system. Prices start at U.S. $ 70,000. Both have a number of similarities, for example, even if the C4500 is stronger than the RXT (221 ​​kW to 169 kW ) and the RXT with its 4x2 drive a higher tensile capacity has the content of their premium packages, ( 7300 kg ).

On 20 December 2007 was announced that GM gives up its mid-sized truck series and sold the business to Navistar International. On 20 August 2008, GM and Navistar announced that their sales agreement would not be maintained.

Introduced into office on January 20, 2009 U.S. President Barack Obama gets an armored limousine, which owns Cadillac emblems, but is built on the chassis of a GMC Topkick. The styling of the car corresponds to an enlarged Cadillac DTS sedan, unlike civilian use Topkick sedan tags which often extended Van bodies of the Chevrolet Express as a transition from the limo to the bus.


A modification of the normal GMC Topkick, a pickup truck with double cabin - Ultimate Class IV Topkick Pickup called - was developed by GM and Monroe Truck Equipment ( MTE). This special vehicle has a 2.4 m long steel flatbed version with double wheels, including tailgate made ​​of steel, GRP side panels and an inner lining of Rhino Linings.


GMC C4500 Topkick A converted - as shown on the official movie website and the HD - DVD Two disc special edition - occurs as a vehicle issue of the Autobot Ironhide in the movie Transformers. MTE has announced plans to build a commercially available version of this pickup.