Chevrolet Lakewood

Chevrolet Lakewood (1962)

The Chevrolet Lakewood is a five - door station wagon, which the company Chevrolet produced in model years 1961 and 1962. The Lakewood was the station wagon version of the Chevrolet Corvair and was the entry model of the manufacturer of the composite pallet. The vehicle corresponded in size and design as the VW Type 4 and had the rear engine of the Corvair with 2376 cc and a power output of 80 bhp (59 kW) at 4400 rpm. The wheelbase was, like the Corvair 2743 mm and it was a manual three-speed transmission installed.

1961 Lakewood was available as Corvair 500 Series in a simple outfit or as a Corvair Deluxe Series 700 with superior fittings. The following year, the simple equipment Corvair 700 Series and the Corvair Monza Series 900 was superior in the series 900 of the motor 84 bhp (62 kW) and had been connected to a PowerGlide two- speed automatic transmission.

1963 Corvair station wagon no longer offered. A total of 32,120 units were built in two years, of which only 2362 piece (only 1962) with an automatic transmission.

Pictures of Chevrolet Lakewood