Chevrolet Van

Chevrolet Van (1964-1966)

The Chevrolet van was one of several vans manufactured by General Motors for the North American market. His closest competitor was the Ford Econoline and Dodge A100.

The term "Chevrolet van " also refers to the other vans from Chevrolet. The first of these vans, the Corvan 1961 was released on the Corvair platform, the youngest is the Chevrolet Express.

The Chevrolet Van model years 1964-1970 based, like its competitors Ford Econoline and Dodge A100 on a modified passenger car platform. The engine sat between and behind the front seats and the car had a flat front. Engine and brakes were adopted from the Chevy II. This Chevrolet Van was offered as GMC Handi- Van.

The 1964 presented Van had a flat windshield and was equipped with four-or six -cylinder engines. Available were a series of four-cylinder with 2.5 liters of displacement, which carried 66 kW, and inline six- cylinder engines with 3.2 l ( 88-130 kW), 3.8 liter (103 kW) or 4.1 l (114 kW). The simple design and the box-shaped structure was ideal for transporting cargo, tools and materials in the city. For long overland drives the car was less suitable. The van was hand Ivan and had verblechte windows and no side door. Even the front passenger seat and the heater there was an extra charge. The slightly better -equipped model for passenger transport was Sportvan.

1967 there was a slightly revised model with rounded windshield, bigger engines and better brakes. For the first time there was a V8 engine with 5.4 liter displacement and an output of 202 kW. There were two wheelbases, 2,286 mm and 2,743 mm.

The second generation was introduced in 1971 and corresponded to the GMC Vandura.

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