Chevron Cars Ltd

Chevron was a British manufacturer of sports cars and race cars.

The mark of the British designer Derek Bennett was known for sports and touring cars that were built in a small workshop in Bolton in small series in the 1950s. As Eric Broadley, the founder of Lola, and Colin Chapman, who built its vehicles under the name Lotus, Bennett soon turned to racing cars. He developed cars for Formula Junior, two -seater sports car and 1967 the first Formula 2 car that Chevron B7. Until the 1980s, the Chevron racing cars were an integral part of the Formula 2 European Championship. Also in Formula 5000 Chevron was engaged. Peter Gethin won in 1973 in a Chevron B24 in the Race of Champions at Brands Hatch.

1978 Chevron prepared before the entry into Formula 1. Although the Chevron B41 a useful race car was, the team never drove a World Championship race. The death of Bennett in an accident with a hang glider brought the company into trouble quickly. Bennett had been the driving force, his enthusiasm was lost with him.

In the spring of 1980, was forced to declare bankruptcy Chevron and the company was liquidated. The German Formula 2 team Maurer Motorsport moved in early 1980 Chevron workshops to produce will over the next two and a half years of its vehicles and to prepare the racing operation of the factory teams. A Scottish consortium took over the rest of company and moved it to Winchester. After the construction of some racing cars for Formula Ford, the company was finally closed in 1983.