Chiaki Ishikawa

Chiaki Ishikawa (Japanese石川 智 晶, Ishikawa Chiaki, with the same pronunciation also石川 千 亜 纪or石川 知 亜 纪written; born March 29, 1969 in Tokyo, Japan ) is a Japanese singer and the lead vocalist of the duo See-Saw. Many of the resulting by itself or in collaboration with other musicians titles were used as theme songs for anime series.


From an early age she was a member of the school choir. Later, they went into the band its larger sister and gave as a singer for the high school band within Tokyo many performances. In 1993 she founded together with Yuki Kajiura Yukiko Nishioka and the band See-Saw, exiting the Yukiko already in the following year to continue her career as a writer. Even as a trio, the band brought on 25 July 1993, the first single SWIMMER (うた) out, which followed the first album I Have a Dream on 19 September of the same year. After three years and the release of six singles and two albums temporarily ended the cooperation that formation.

Even within these three years, Chiaki also wrote tracks for other artists and began a career as a solo singer under the name of Somaliland. So it was published in 1999 with Magnolia her first solo album and gave numerous performances in Tokyo and its surroundings. In 2001, the two band members of See-Saw came together again, but this time produced the soundtrack for the anime television series Noir. This production was followed by more tracks and albums to Anime series such as Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, whose album Anna ni Issho Datta Noni it to number 5 on the Oricon charts managed and represented the largest ever success of the formation.

After the release of their third album Dream Field of See-Saw and the solo album Inner Garden in 2003, she brought in 2004 another solo single Ame no Hi ni Koi o Shita / Haru out. As See-Saw, especially Yuki Kajiura, had established close contacts in the field of anime producers, the formation also continued to produce singles and albums to well-known works. In 2005 appeared the single Kimi wa Boku ni Nite iru, which represented and reached # 4 on the Oricon charts, the credits tune of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. Following this trend, in 2006 Utsukushikereba Sore de Ii, a single was released to the anime Simoun.

In July of that year, she performed at the Animelo Summer Live 2006 at the Nippon Budokan and sang Utsukushikereba Sore de Ii ni Issho Datta Noni and Anna in front of more than 10,000 fans.

On 22 August 2007, she released the single Uninstall, which was used in the opening credits of the anime Bokurano. This was followed in November of the same year with 1/ 2 a further single, which among others in the third season of You're Under Arrest! is used for the background music.

At Anime Expo 2007, it was among the invited guests of honor of Victor Entertainment, which included Aya Hirano, Eisaku Inoue, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Masaru Kitao and Minori Chihara, among others.



  • Magnolia (マグノリア, Magunoria, June 23, 1999 )
  • Inner Garden (3 December 2003)
  • Boku wa Mada Nani mo Shiranai. (僕 は まだ 何 も 知ら ない,. 27 August 2007)
  • Daremo Oshiete Kurenakatta Koto (誰 も 教え て くれ なかっ た こと; 30 September 2009)


  • Ame no Hi ni Koi o Shita (雨 の 日 に 恋 を し た; February 4, 2004 )
  • Utsukushikereba Sore de Ii (美しけれ ば それ で いい; April 19, 2006 )
  • Namida (涙; 21 March 2007)
  • Uninstall (アン インストール, Aninsutōru, June 13, 2007 )
  • 1/2 (21 November 2007)

Participation as a songwriter

  • Ai ni Kite (逢い に き て, Words and Music, 1994), sung by Hiromi Nagasaku
  • Boku - tachi no Start (僕たち の スタート, Boku - tachi no Sutāto, Words and Music, 1995), sung by Hironobu Kageyama
  • Ima, Kono subete ga Shunkan (今,この 瞬間 が すべて, text only, 2003) sung by Soichiro Hoshi


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