Chiasso [ kjas ː o] ( Lombard Ciass, German outdated Pias ) is a municipality in the district of Mendrisio Balerna in the district of the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

On 25 November 2007, a merger template failed in the communities Chiasso, Morbio Inferiore and Vacallo.


The community has about 7,800 inhabitants in the Sottoceneri and is located on the Po Valley in the south of Mendrisio Mendrisio between Lake Lugano and Lake Como, on the border with Italy.

The Pedrinate, a formerly independent municipality that belongs to Chiasso since 1976, together with the landmark 75B the most southern point of Switzerland. This Chiasso is also the southernmost municipality in Switzerland.


1140 Chiasso was mentioned as Claso. During the 19th century (1874 ) Chiasso, was originally a suburb of Como Italian neighbors, thanks to the railway with its border station and marshalling yard into an important border town. By the railway Chiasso experienced an economic boom and the population increased rapidly.

Because today the quality of life in Chiasso is not high and lost frontier stations in importance, many inhabitants migrated to neighboring communities to the north, where jobs in the tertiary sector are present. So Chiasso recorded since 1970 (then 8'868 inhabitants) a decline in population (now 7,700 inhabitants). From an existing research center since August 1994 for so-called Grätzel cells a commercial manufacturer of monocrystalline solar cells and solar modules developed from 1999 onwards. The proximity to the sun-drenched Italy gives the place again today a solid export perspective.

In September 1976 broke up after a long rainy weather above the gas station a landslide that damaged one of the three gas container ( although there was on the opposite side of the fire wall, to a landslide but had not been intended for the protection works). After a certain time triggered by a motorcycle propelled by small engine spark an explosion of the discharged gas cloud. The other two containers were then cooled by the fire brigade, about 2,000 people evacuated in the area. Despite cooling and the second container licked on time, a second gas clouds fire originated. Two ammonia tank in the basement of the nearby Frisco factory remained intact.



  • Baldassare Fontana (1661-1733), sculptor and plasterer
  • Mario Martinoni, Colonel ( Swiss Army )
  • Joseph McDivitt, Colonel (U.S. Army )
  • Egidio Bernasconi ( born March 16, 1919 in Monza ), painter
  • Serge Brignoni ( born October 12, 1903 in Chiasso; † 6 January 2002 Zollikofen ), a painter, sculptor, draftsman
  • Sergio Casartelli ( born October 4, 1907 in Lugano, † October 29, 1971 ), painter, graphic artist
  • Erico Cavadini ( born July 28, 1910 in Chiasso, † December 14, 1947 ), painter
  • Aldo Crivelli ( born June 18, 1907 in Chiasso, † 12 July 1981 in Muralto ), a painter, archaeologist, Schriffsteller, lecturer
  • Sergio Emery (* March 4, 1928 Chiasso; † 5 July 2003 Gentilino ), painter, draftsman, engraver, Lytograf, mosaic workers Sergio Emery on < / ref >


  • Parish Church of San Vitale.
  • Meeting house
  • Palace Molteni
  • Ex Kindergarten ( municipal police )
  • Palace Corecco
  • Station FFS
  • Magazzinisituated Generali, Architects: Robert Maillart, Ettore Brenni
  • Ex Hotel Felix
  • Oratory of Madonna di Fatima
  • City Palace
  • Palace Camponovo Architect: Otto Glaus
  • Palace Pedroni, architect: Gianfranco Butti
  • Torretta Pedroli
  • Palace Chiesa
  • Palace Lovati
  • Cinema Teatro, Architect: Americo Marazzi
  • Villino Sala, Architect: Giuseppe Angelo Savi
  • In the district of " Boffalora " Oratorio Sant'Anna
  • In the district of " Pedrinate " parish church of Santa Croce
  • Oratorio Santo Stefano al Colle
  • In the district of " Seseglio " Church of Santa Teresa.


2005 m.a.x. -Museo opened. It was commissioned by Aoi Kono, of the graphic designer Max Huber Widow commissioned and implemented according to the plans of architect Pia Durisch Aldo Nolli.

Built in 1935 by architect Americo Marazzi Cinema Teatro has been totally renovated and reopened in 2001 ( film screenings, theater, music, dance).


In Chiasso various festivals are held. Since 1989 Chiassodanza ( dance festival ), since 1991 Festate (Festival of World Music ) and since 1997 Festival di cultura e musica jazz (jazz festival ).


  • Since Chiasso is located directly on the border with Italy, the transit traffic and customs of great importance. Here the Swiss motorway A2 passes (Basel -Lucerne -Lugano -Chiasso ) on the Italian Autostrada dei Laghi A9 towards Milan, which can be reached in less than 45 minutes.
  • Chiasso train station