Chiayi City

Chiayi (Chinese嘉义 市/嘉义 市, pinyin Shì Jiayi, Jiayi Tongyong Pinyin Shih, W.-G. Chia -i Shih, PEH oē - jī Ka -Gi chhi ), is a county-level city in the Republic of China on Taiwan. It is located in the southwestern part of Taiwan and is surrounded by Chiayi County. With an area of 60 km ² and around 275,000 inhabitants, it is the smallest county-level city of the Republic of China.


Chiayi is located on the northeastern edge of the Jianan level, the largest level in Taiwan. In the eastern part of the metropolitan area rich some hills that gradually rise to about 25 km east located up to 2,663 m high Alishan Mountains.

The city lies between the current flowing in an east-west direction Puzi rivers in the north and in the south Bazhang.

Chiayi is located on the Tropic of Cancer, which runs through the northern parts of the city, and thus the transition between the subtropical and tropical climatic zone. The mean annual temperature is 23.3 ° C.

Administrative Divisions


Chiayi has a past in the city center railway station on the main line of the Taiwan Railway. From there branches off the Alishan Forest Railway, a narrow gauge railway to Alishan from. The Chiayi of Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail station is located west of the city in Taibao in Chiayi County.

To the west of the city area is a junction of Highway 1; Highway 3 passes Chiayi in the east.

Twin Cities

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