Chiba Urban Monorail

The Chiba Monorail is built according to the SAFEGE system monorail in the Japanese city of Chiba. The built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries railway was taken in March 1988. 1999 came to the original route, add a branch line. So that it reaches a length of 15.2 kilometers and is currently the longest monorail in the world. It plans to expand the network to 40 kilometers.

The railway operates two lines. The main line, line 2, comprises 15 breakpoints. The branch line, Line 1, has six breakpoints. Both lines sail the distance between Chiba - Minato and Chiba city center and touch at three common stops. The next extension is provided at the 3.2 -kilometer route 1, it will be extended by 3.6 kilometers. Currently, as of 2003, about 45,000 passengers a day. The top speed of the vehicles is 65 km / h ( for comparison: in 1970 opened Shonan Monorail, and 75 km / h). In rush hour, a 6 -minute intervals, otherwise a 15 - or 30 -minute intervals down.