Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune is a national newspaper in the Midwestern United States. Your political orientation is considered to be conservative. Journalists from the Tribune won a total of 24 Pulitzer Prizes. Owner of the newspaper is the media company Tribune Company. Both newspaper and owners have their headquarters in Chicago's Tribune Tower. Local main competitor is the liberal Chicago Sun- Times.


The first edition of the Tribune was published on 10 June 1847 Journal of the Know-Nothing movement. The newspaper in the then strongly influenced by immigration town consisted mainly of comments that were strongly influenced by xenophobia and especially a militant anti - Catholicism. In the years that they weakened their xenophobia, and began vehemently to support the temperance movement.

Joseph Medill and five partners took over the newspaper and started the abolitionist support. 1861 sold the then Mayor John Wentworth in addition to the older Chicago Democrat to the editors. The newspaper was an important organ of the newly formed Republican Party. Medill himself succeeded in 1871 to be elected mayor of Chicago.

In June 1919 succeeded to the Tribune, to get to the entire text of the Treaty of Versailles. Shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, she talked about the then ongoing war plans of the U.S. government. In the U.S. presidential elections in 1948 but was too early cut-off date: The day after the election, the Tribune opened with a big " DEWEY Defeats Truman " while had yet been found by other counts in the late evening that Harry S. Truman challenger Thomas E. Dewey had beaten.

On April 24, 1930, the Tribune, slightly abridged and altered, a list of the Chicago Crime Commission, in " Public Enemies " ( en: " Public Enemy " ) published appointed by Chicago. Since Al Capone topped the list, it became customary to entitle him in the press as " Public Enemy No. 1". The pursuit of pressure on the mentioned Mobster rose after the release of enormous.

In 1974 she published the entire Watergate tapes in a 44 -page special supplement, 24 hours after the government had made ​​it public. She was faster than all other newspapers and faster than the printed version of the government. In the accompanying editorial, they asked Richard Nixon to resign. Both the publication and the comment made ​​headlines, but he showed that even began to knit conservatives to turn away from Nixon.

In the elections of 2004, she publicly supported George W. Bush in the presidential election, but the Democrats Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate and Melissa Bean for the U.S. House of Representatives. Bush was re-elected on November 2, 2004, wafer-thin majority.

On 8 December 2008, the publisher filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the triggers are said to have cross- connections to a corruption scandal involving the ex-governor Rod Blagojevich. This is said to have withdrawn from the publisher capital.