Chicane (musician)

Chicane is a music project from the field trance and ambient music producer Nick Bracegirdle of English.


The first successes had Chicane 1996 with the single offshore. 1997 was followed by the single Sunstroke, the first album ( Far from the Maddening Crowds ) and new versions of Offshore.

1999 appeared the single Saltwater; a cover version of 80s hits Clannad Theme from Harry 's Game. In the same year followed by Do not Give Up - a collaboration with Bracegirdles long-time friend Bryan Adams. The song reached in several European countries high in the charts in England and displaced Madonna from the number first published in 2000 Chicane next album Behind the Sun.

In 2003, then appeared the single, Love on the Run with the vocals of Peter Cunnah. This single was originally planned as a foretaste of the third Chicane album Easy to Assemble, which should appear in 2003. The release date for the album was postponed again and again and finally completely exposed (apparently there was of Easy to Assemble, however, already Promo CDs).

In 2006, the song was released Stoned in Love with Tom Jones.

On 23 July 2007 Somersault, the third official album was released with a total of 10 tracks, of which Spirit and Arizona Part 2 were already included on the Easy-to- Assemble Promo.

His debut album Far from the Maddening Crowds was re-released on 22 October 2007 under the label of Modena. The re-release includes a new mix of offshore.

In the summer of 2008 followed with Bruised Water, a collaboration with Natasha Bedingfield, Natasha Bedingfield's a mashup of " I bruise easily" and Chicanes old hit " Saltwater ". In the U.S., a promo single from Natasha Bedingfield - songs Angel, what Chicane contributed two remixes appeared.

In October 2008, a best-of album was released, entitled The Best Of Chicane 1996-2008 with 18 tracks, including some modified versions of his greatest hits, such as Do not Give Up and Saltwater including a completely new song called Wake Up together with the Brit - pop band Keane.

On the Special Edition of Bryan Adams Album 11 which was released in early November 2008, there is a Chicane Mix of the title She's Got a Way.

In 2009 they had Poppiholla, an EP with several revised versions of the song Hoppípolla the Icelandic band Sigur Ros.

In August 2010 the album was released Giants.

In April 2012, with " Thousand Mile Stare " another Chicane album appeared.


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