Chief (heraldry)

Lower wing main or chief of the Herald understands the herald image in heraldry, which is above the dividing line in the upper third of the crest. It is to be understood as a shifted to the upper plate edge beam, with a height of about 2/7 to 1/ 3 of the blade height. Is the main shield narrow, it is called (Coat of Arms description), gable in the blazon. Achieved the herald image, only the thread width ( approximately 1/6 plate height), it is to the top. The design can take just as in the blazon, all colors, shapes and figures. He can rimmed ( provided with board ), be pieced, flamed and divided according to all sections of the whole coat of arms shield like inflected ( dividing line to the sign is a circular arc as in the coat of arms of Remmels ). Herold images and vulgar figures are possible in chief. Touched below the shield a very narrow head differently colored beams, the main, it is a supported main shield. If the narrow bars on the top plate edge, there is a sign on ascended master. If the main direction sign foot arched, it is hung.

In many Coat of Arms Shield main surface is conformed to represent the unity of a group (Region / family). The ennobled officers in the war against Denmark in 1864, Prussia army had in the main red shield with two swords.

Many names of the main shield design are used directly as a compound word: Wave Shield Main, battlements main shield, main flame shield etc.

A special group of Herold images occur when the head of the shield and the united him with other Herold image, such as beams, pole rafters, trays or edge without separation line and in the same tincture in the coat of arms are. Emblazoned is then: main bar, main post, the main rafters, main tray or main edge. The latter report page numbers left or right.

Main beam

Main rafters

The French Heraldry refers to the main shield with boss. With chef de France, the spruce with golden lilies in blue plate head of the coat of arms of the French royal house of Bourbon, just like some cities named. If the head of the shield reduced in height, so it is referred to with comble (busy, crowded ). As couvert ( covered, considered ) it is described as when a curved semi- circular cut goes to the upper plate edge, the upper right and left corners will be cut.