Chief Justice of Canada

Chairman of the Supreme Court of Canada is the Chief Justice of Canada (English ) or Juge en chef du Canada (French ). He shall be appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Like the other nine judges it to have worked prior to his appointment at either a higher court in the provinces, or who belong to at least ten years of a Bar Association. Acting Chairman since January 7, 2000 Beverley McLachlin, who belongs to the Supreme Court since 30 March 1989.


The Chief Justice presides over the Canadian Judicial Council, composed of the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of all superior courts at the provincial and federal level. This council organizes seminars, coordinated the discussion on current legal issues and has been commissioned by the Minister of Justice or the Attorney General of a province by investigations of all appointed judges at the federal level.

Should die the Governor-General, his office can no longer exercise or longer than one month stay abroad, accepts the Chief Justice - or when a vacancy of the most senior of the other Judges - short term the office of administrator of Canada and shall exercise all rights and obligations of a Governor-General from. This situation so far met twice. 2005, there was a special situation, as Beverley McLachlin Governor General Adrienne Clarkson had represented since the latter had to undergo heart surgery.

In addition, the Chief Justice is a member of the advisory committee, which will decide on the award of the Order of Canada, the highest civilian honor of the country. However, he shall abstain in the disqualification of the voice, because this step is usually required only in persons who have been convicted of an offense of a lower court and in the case of an appeal to the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice would be in a conflict of interest.

List of Chairmen