Chigorin Defense

The Chigorin Defence is an opening of chess. It is among the Closed Games and is named after its inventor, the master Mikhail Chigorin Russian, named. In the opening system of the ECO codes it is classified under the key D07.

The Chigorin Defence arises after the moves (see also: Chess notation):

Characterization and assessment

The Chigorin Defence usually leads to an open, sharp game as White usually opens with 3 c4xd5 lines or brings with Nb1 - c3 d5xc4 3 4 d4 -d5 tangles in the center. 3 c4xd5 was long regarded as a refutation of the defense, because black Dd8xd5 must respond and thus the lady is exposed to early attacks. In addition, the black knight on c6 blocked the c-pawn, and thereby the usual for closed games attack on the white d-pawn with c7 - c5. For these reasons, the Chigorin Defence has long been regarded as not fully satisfying, in recent times this rating is however doubted.

Today, judging less dogmatic than at times Tschigorins. Because c7 - c5 is not the only conceivable lever in the Queen's Gambit, in some positions it is also the train ... e6 - e5, which can be done in the Chigorin Defence directly from e7 from here. For example, immediately after 3 e2 -e3. After 3 c4xd5 Dd8xd5 addition, exercise the lady and the knight pressure on the farmers d4. If White to drive after 4 e2 -e3 e7 - e5 tried the black queen by 5 Nb1 - c3, follows 5 ... Bf8 - b4 and c3 Springer is tied up, after which the farmer is d4 further threatened. Unleashing Lc1 6 -d2 leads to 6 ... Lb4xc3 7 Ld2xc3 e5xd4 to maintain the bondage of the black pawn d4 by 8 Sg1 - e2. A normal development course of black like 8 ... Ng8 - f6 would now lead to the recovery of the black pawn d4 with free play for the white bishop pair. The counter shackling of Springer e2 by 8 ... Bc8 - g4 compels the blacks after the unleashing of 9 f2 -f3 to the bishop sacrifice ... 9 Lg4xf3 10 g2xf3 Dd5xf3. Now Black threatens both the Th1 and the Lc3. 11 Lc3xd4 however, threatens 12 Ld4xg7 together with recovery of jobs lost on h1 tower. After 11 ... Sc6xd4 12 Dd1xd4 threatens 13 Dd4xg7 together with recovery of jobs lost on h1 tower.

The lever e7 - e5 can hardly be prevented by 3 Sg1 -f3, for 3 ... Bc8 - g4 4 c4xd5 Lg4xf3 eliminated the first Nf3 and after 5 g2xf3 Qxd5 6 e2 -e3 he is back on the agenda.

Alexander Morozevich, a grand master of world leaders has taken the Chigorin Defence in his repertoire and play them from time to time even against strong opponents.