Chihuahua (dog)

  • Group 9: Companion and Toy Dogs
  • Section 6: Chihuahueño
  • Without working trial


Techichi, Chihuahueño

Ideal 1.5-3 kg

  • Short-haired
  • Long-haired

The Chihuahua [ tʃiwawa ] is recognized by the FCI Mexican dog breed (FCI Group 9, Section 6, Standard No. 218). He is the smallest dog breed in the world.


There are various theories about the origin of Chihuahuas. One of them is that he is descended from the victim dogs in ancient Mexico, the Techichis. In Mexico there are in the province of Chihuahua still wild small dogs, to which the Chihuahua is returned. According to other sources, they were allegedly held by the ancient Aztecs priests already in the 8th century and were among the favorites Aztec princesses. In religion they were taken for the leaders of dead souls on their journey to the afterlife. For this reason, lost their lives at every funeral even Chihuahuas. But he was not only a sacrificial animal, but probably also part of the diet of Mexican Indians.

Mid-19th century began the farmers of the province of Chihuahua their little dogs for sale reinforced to tourists. About the United States then they came to Europe, but spread still not very strong.


The Chihuahua is since its discovery by the western culture around the year 1850 as the smallest dog breed in the world. The Chihuahua has an apple head and a distinct stop with short, sometimes tapered at the muzzle. Typically, the large, protruding at an angle of 45 ° ears. The compact despite its small body is slightly longer than tall, and stands on non- fine, well muscled and straight runs. The moderately long tail helps the Chihuahua curved over the back. The standard allows all colors from pure white on off-white with cream-colored badges, tricolor ( three-colored ) and others to pure black. However, the color blue and Merle shades are not without problems, since they may be associated with certain diseases or malformations frequently.

Hair types:

  • The long-haired Chihuahua ( pelo largo; poil long, long-haired ) has soft hair, befranste ears, a distinct neck collar and the rod fully hairy. The hair is either smooth or slightly wavy.
  • The short-haired Chihuahua ( pelo corto; poil court; smooth- haired ) has dense, soft, shiny hair that rests on the smooth head and body.

Breeding problems

Particularly striking are its disproportionately large eyes and short muzzle, which can lead to very sensitive eyes, breathing problems, dental problems at the wrong breed.

Although the ideal weight between 1.5 and 3 kg, dogs between 500 g and 1.5 kg are accepted. Copies than 3 kg are however excluded in most clubs from showing and breeding evaluation, where there are also clubs that also allow slightly stronger animals in the interest of the health of Chihuahuas. The breed standard information is not provided to the withers, exhibitions However, this is in otherwise equivalent dogs usually the smaller of the preference. This has in the recent past for growing extremely small dogs (500 grams) out, however, tend to significantly increased degree to health problems. The subordination of these problems under the breeding goal, always to breed smaller dogs is critically under animal welfare aspects as spoiled breed.


The breed standard describes the Chihuahua as lively, alert, restless and very courageous.


  • Family dog
  • Lap-dog
  • Companion Dog