Chihuahua (state)

Chihuahua is 247,938 km ² with the largest state of Mexico and has about 3.4 million inhabitants. It is bordered on the west by Sonora, on the north by the United States (New Mexico and Texas), to the east by Coahuila, to the southwest by Sinaloa, Durango to the south. The largest city is not the capital of Chihuahua, but Ciudad Juarez, on the Rio Bravo del Norte across from El Paso. Chihuahua is subdivided into 67 municipios.

The state is occupied by a desert plateau that slopes sharply toward the west. This mountain is also the largest tourist attraction of the state, the picturesque Barranca del Cobre ( " Copper Canyon "). The north of the state is the Chihuahuan Desert, which also occupies the neighboring state of Coahuila almost completely and parts of the southern United States.