Children's radio

Children Radio (also: Kids radio ) called a radio station or a- broadcast, which is especially designed for young listeners. It serves the entertainment and education of children with stories, fairy tales, plays and songs, the lullaby - uncle and the Sandman.

As children, radio and electronic devices are referred to, are to be suitable robustness and easy operation even for preschoolers. Known representative is likely to be no longer produced unit "My First Sony ".


In Germany runs the first niche channel for children's radio Teddy in Berlin and Brandenburg since 2005. Furthermore sends WDR 5 daily children's program under the name Lilipuz and has developed Kiraka an Internet radio for children, to be received in May 2009 on DAB, satellite and cable.

In Austria there is no special radio station for children. However, there are several channels that broadcasts specifically for children and produce programs that are produced by children themselves. The younger youth as a target group is talking about it on addition primarily Ö3, after having focused on new youth culture FM4 evolved with its core audience.