Chilliwack is a city in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The city is located about 100 kilometers east of Vancouver in the Lower Mainland's in the Fraser Valley Regional District.


Chilliwack is located south of the Canadian province of British Columbia, about 100 kilometers east of Vancouver. The northern border of the town is the Fraser River. To the south lies the Vedder River and the border with the U.S. state of Washington.


After 1857 the first gold was discovered on the Fraser River, came within a year about 30,000 prospectors in the area that was previously inhabited by indigenous people. The community Chilliwhack was founded in 1873 and is the third oldest in British Columbia. South of Chilliwhack led to the business center of the community, which is called Five Corners. 1881 district of Centre Ville was built. However, this was renamed six years later and was now called as the capital Chilliwhack. The district was built in 1908 separated from the main town and became the City of Chilliwack. Both places were founded 72 years separated from each other until 1980, the district Chilliwack. In 1999, she finally joined back together and the district was dissolved.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 77 936 inhabitants for the city. The population of the city has thereby increased since the census of 2006 at 12.6%, while the population in British Columbia grew simultaneously only by 7.0%. In the metropolitan area of ​​Chilliwack 92 315 people live.


Chilliwack has a mild climate with smaller extreme conditions. The mild climate is ideal for agriculture and the cultivation of fruit and vegetables and cereals. The highest temperature was measured in Chilliwack, was on 29 July 2009, approximately 37.8 ° C. The lowest temperature ever recorded, was on December 29, 1968 -21.7 ° C. Precipitation falls mainly in the form of rain and some snow only in the mountains. The summers in Chilliwack are vorwiegends sunny and hot. Daylight there is a very long time usually up to 22 clock in the evening.


The economy in Chilliwack is in addition to tourism from the following sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Processed food industry
  • Commercial production
  • Services


In Chilliwack In total there are 31 public schools, including a Catholic school. The two largest high schools are the Sardis Secondary School and Chilliwack Secondary School which host the classes 10-12. Furthermore, including five high schools are for grades 7 to 9

The largest university in the region is the University of the Fraser Valley to study at which about 15,000 students spread over several campuses.


Chilliwack is located on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1). This results in an east-west direction through the city.

At the south-east outskirts of Chilliwack is the local airfield (IATA: YCW, ICAO: CYCW ). The airport has only one paved runway, and runway of 1,215 meters in length.

Public passenger transport is transit system offered by the Chilliwack / Agassiz - Harrison, which is operated by BC Transit. Currently twelve routes are offered. The driving routes 1-5 run mainly in the inner city, the routes 6,7,10 and 12 serves the area of ​​Sardis / Promontory. The Route 8 serves the southern part of Yarrow. The Route 9 is a shuttle connection to Cultus Lake and only runs during the summer months.


The Hockey Club of Chilliwack Bruins played from 2006 to 2011 in the Western Hockey League. The home games of the team took place in Prospera Centre, which offered room for 5,700 spectators.