Chinamax is a size specification for ships. It refers to a building type of bulk carriers with the largest cargo capacity, with the still all relevant Chinese ports with bulk / load ore can be reached. The name is derived from the predominant use in the China market.

Ships of this type are up to 360 meters long, up to 65 meters wide and with a maximum draft of 24 meters and a capacity of around 388,000 tons. A Chinamax - ore carrier is therefore on the dimensions of a sub- category of Very Large Ore Carrier. Unlike, for example, oriented at lock sizes Saimax or the oriented channel sizes Suezmax vessels, the size of the Chinamax derives from the limits of the infrastructure of the ports concerned in China.

So far, 35 ships of this size at the shipyards DSME in South Korea and a Chinese shipyard have been appointed by the mining company Vale. Was delivered the first ship in the Vale Brasil.