Chinatown, Manhattan

Chinatown is a neighborhood of New York's Borough of Manhattan and with approximately 90000-100000 Chinese population ( 665 714 inhabitants), one of the largest Chinese communities in North America.


As the Chinese immigration had increased, their immigration was severely restricted in the years 1882-1924. So as coolies for railway construction well liked Chinese were not allowed to take their women. Full Chinatown was characterized by a predominantly embossed bachelor district, the abkapselte from the rest of city life. So there was a strong preservation of Chinese cultural heritage, which today manifests itself in the cityscape. In Chinatown today speak less than 55 % of residents in English and the streetscape is dominated by Chinese characters and shops. The fact that this trend continues, one sees in the district of Chinatown expanding, large parts of the former Jewish or Italian neighborhood so are now in Chinese hands. To get the Italian heritage to Italian and Chinese have agreed on a fixed threshold above which no more Chinese characters may be attached to the facades. Today you can find Little Italy only in the Mulberry Street and Grand Street.

The center of Chinatown extends along Canal Street, but also the Mott Street is a by Chinese shops and restaurants heavily embossed and interesting road. The furnishings in the stores do not is oriented towards tourism, but to the needs of people living in the district. But tourists looking for fake watches, perfume or other counterfeit brand products find their dealers, some with the imprint " Made in China Town".

Due to the high percentage participation of the Chinese ethnic group of New York during the Second World War and the containment of the Tongs (Chinese secret societies ) the acceptance has increased, and many New Yorkers drive today to Chinatown to dine there cheap. By announcing the return of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China for 1997, the immigration took again dramatically, this time of a rather wealthy Hong Kong Chinese. Today, therefore, find also a Chinatown in Queens and one in Brooklyn.

The fate of immigrants can be at the Museum of Chinese in America understand.

In the film,

The movie Year of the Dragon (1985 ) takes place in Chinatown and describes the struggle against the Chinese mafia.